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Exemplification Essay

23 May, 2018

If you have to deal with an essay that is entirely different from the format of an academic paper, it must be the task you do need to be assisted with. One of the most perplexing types of essays for students is an exemplification essay. If you are uncertain about how to write an exemplification essay correctly, this article will enable you to get the grasp of what an exemplification essay is and eventually gain an excellent grade from your professor.

What is an exemplification essay?

According to an exemplification essay definition, an exemplification essay is an essay, which gives particular examples to prove a standpoint. All you need to write it successfully is to look at the argumentative essay and just provide more details. Also, to give your essay more credibility, include relevant facts and exact numbers to support your statements. You may also consult your professor concerning the writing style you need to adhere to. It can be APA, Chicago or MLA.

How to Write an Exemplification Essay?

  • Draw an exemplification essay outline by brainstorming

The first step to writing a successful exemplification essay is to put down all the ideas that crop up in your head. Then you can move on and give way to other thoughts and ideas that will be handy for your essay. Having jotted down your ideas on paper, you can start organizing them in a logical order. While drawing an outline, you must include an introduction at the beginning and a conclusion at the end.

In a body section, you express your opinion. Besides, you also need to present some supporting arguments to go along with it. Remember that your body part must contain facts that can be supported by the resources from which you derived your information during your research. You can also expound on each of the points by breaking them into paragraphs and they will be readable and interesting.

  • Writing an introduction

The exemplification essay introduction is traditionally comprised of two main parts – the thesis statement and the actual hook. The exemplification essay thesis reflects the exemplification essay topic. All you need is to write a short description mentioning all the crucial points of the topic that you will expound on in the body section.

The hook attracts readers' attention and gives them understanding of what your paper is going to be about.

  • Writing body paragraphs

The body paragraphs are separate from an introductory part and a conclusion. As it is known, the number of paragraphs is dependent on the length of the whole paper. Thus, bear in mind all the requirements you have been given by your teacher and stick to them.

Before writing body paragraphs, you need to write an outline, which is crucial for the whole process of writing. The outline must contain all the details that can affect the paper you are writing. Outlines keep your thoughts and ideas well-organized and it is comfortable to follow them while writing your essay.

The aim of body paragraphs is to elucidate the main information and hints that you dropped in the introductory part.

Your essay must be logical and well-organized. Therefore, don't move from one point of your essay to the end of the second paragraph. Otherwise, you will forget crucial points and your essay will lose a logical structure. Additionally, select only relevant and meaningful information. Express your ideas and thoughts in comprehensive and clear words to avoid misunderstandings. If you have a writer's block, make a comfort break and distract from your paper. By doing this, you will refresh your mind and will come up with ingenious ideas.

  • Writing a conclusion

The main goal of the conclusion lies in touching upon all the main information of your essay but it must not contain the same sentences as the body part. In a sense, you provide more information but not too much because otherwise you will have a new paragraph. Your task is to persuade readers that you are knowledgeable about your subject and make them ruminate about it.  

Accordingly, when writing an exemplification essay, remember to stick to the argumentative side of issues and back them up with solid facts. You should make readers look at your subject from a new angle. Thus, you need to present it in the best light, provide as many details as possible and leave readers food for reflection.

Exemplification essay topics suggestions

As an exemplification essay includes the argumentative part, you must take a subject that is typical for an argumentative essay. Find issues, which can be adjusted for two argumentative sides. It is essential to mention only straightforward and relevant facts. Do not attempt to argue the reader into your own standpoint; otherwise, it will no longer be an exemplification essay.

Examples of proper exemplification essay topics:

  1. Is a diploma imperative nowadays?
  2. It's hard to find someone today who would gainsay the fact that a college degree is vital for your future.
  3. Should drugs be legal?
  4. Drugs are an urgent problem. They break off relationships and serve a bad example for children. Is it an opinion or a fact? Try to argue this subject.
  5. If a class is separated by gender, does it ensure a more efficient learning environment?
  6. Should healthcare be accessible to everybody?
  7. Gun regulations must be more rigid.
  8. Shootings increasingly hit the headlines of today's mass media.

This problem must be eradicated. Ideas need to evolve so that the world could change.

Examples of inappropriate exemplification essay topics:

  • What music do you like?

This topic is fully dependent on someone's personal opinion and thus it will be difficult to support it with solid facts.

  • Are opiates considered dangerous? 

This problem is one-sided and it will be hard to keep it argumentative.

  • Explain what you need to make a maple syrup. 

You can make use of many resources while discussing this topic but you will fail to make this topic into an exemplification essay.

23 May, 2018
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