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Professional Custom Writing Services

Professional Custom Writing Services
1 March, 2018

Being perplexed with writing assignments, freshers, sophomores, and even junior students, as well as foreigners, without a doubt rarely know how to compile a good piece of writing. The thoughts that are crossing their minds are generally the same, for instance, ‘how to write a reaction paper or a speech about yourself’, ‘how to write a bibliography’, and so further. Like it or lump it, there are only two ways out. On the one hand, you can take a risk in completing your assignment on your own, and frankly speaking, be kicked off the university if fail. On the other, you can seek help from professional custom writing services.

Why Do People Think They Need Professional Custom Writing Services?

Recently, I have taken the advantage of looking at the work of the professional custom writing services from the inside by holding a fascinating conversation with a former writer at Rush Essay. Being a part of the team of the seasoned writers, he gained first-hand experience in the writing industry, and I had a unique opportunity to find out how the things look like behind the scenes.

“This type of industry didn’t evolve drastically. Quite the contrary, it was the steady growth that lasted for ages. When I had just received the position of the writer, I was of the opinion that my job would be in compiling academic content for the students with the below-average capacity. It was a misguided belief. There were lazy bones who were reluctant to complete the assignments, students who lacked time to be creative, students who got their priorities straight (and for sure it was not that writing task), and others.

Oftentimes, the Ivy League students addressed our company seeking help with extremely complicated assignments. Notwithstanding their efforts, the focal point was that they were working hard and could not put their foot wrong. What is more, the ESL students faced even greater struggles in their academic career. It was almost impossible for them to compile a degree-level academic content. The truth is that the only available opportunity for them was to buy custom essays online and be sure to receive their high quality writing in time.”

Statistics – Who orders custom essay writings? 

The writing industry provides everyone with unparalleled statistical data. The top three regions, where the orders are mostly coming from, are New York, California, and Texas, namely from Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia, University of Houston, NYU, and UCLA. A student who wants to graduate one day from the aforementioned universities should not solely rely on the widespread methods as far as they need to go to great lengths in order to overcome the ordeals prepared by their professors and syllabus. They have to address best custom writing, which is not the same as cheap custom writing. The explanation why custom writing service USA is becoming so popular in present-day conditions is pretty obvious – writing assignments are becoming the best way to assess student’s knowledge, so the services that give a helping hand are growing as well. Sometimes students just need to buy custom essays online, as they have no other way out.

The most popular types of writings are essay, research project, and, what a surprise, MA thesis. The number of imposed assignments is so high that it is no wonder that the professional writers are up to their eyebrows in tasks. Students consider Business, English language, and Managerial course to be the most burdensome subjects in their academic career, so there is nothing special in their desire to find cheap custom writing service that will come to their aid. 

Nonetheless, all professors, both college and university ones, take the same stand against buying papers – they consider it to be plagiarism. Would you agree? The truth is this issue is not that simple as it might seem from the first glance. Purchasing a paper online could not be tantamount to plagiarism as far as you are ordering a completely new, researched, and referenced paper. It might be either used as a source for another customer’s assignment or submitted as it is. The thought that this paper was ordered online may come to mind, but as an old saying goes: “One is innocent till proven guilty.” The professors will not find enough evidence to support their claim. 

Leaving no stones unturned, foreign students benefit most from writing services. It is troublesome for them to fit the education system as far as their command of English is not good enough to write academic papers of degree-level. Nevertheless, people with part-time jobs, older people with families, and those, who are outliving some personal struggles, will definitely need some assistance as well. The growth of professional custom writing services is not only an easily foreseen phenomenon but also the signal of the educational system’s weakness.

What Concerns a Moral Argument?

Cheating is cheating in all circumstances no matter what excuses you will give. Putting aside your personal attitude towards writing services, all opponents meet halfway stating that these services stimulate sluggishness. The pivotal point lies in the fact that writing is an integral part of everyday life, especially concerning the entrance of the workforce. The communication channels should be built, and the professors acknowledge their importance. Writing assignments are aimed at honing communication skills, and when ordering completed tasks, students deprive themselves of the opportunity to enhance both communication and writing skills.

The question that still remains unanswered is whether professors really cannot find a way to punish those who address online custom writing services. International students have ample of opportunities to improve the command of English, e.g. by enrolling in the additional English courses in the writing centers on campus. The only step they have to make is to apply there.

Last but not least, here is the list of the most popular topics according to Find out how your own degree of complexity is similar to this one.

  • Police brutality essay 
  • Abortion research paper 
  • Culture essay 
  • Euthanasia essay 
  • Civil disobedience essay 
  • Death penalty research paper 
  • Analytical essay 
  • Case study analysis 
  • Film analysis essay 
  • Leadership essay 
  • Comparative essay 
  • The America I believe in essay 
  • Ad analysis 
  • Media analysis 
  • Visual analysis essay


1 March, 2018
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