How to Begin and End Your Essay

Do you know how to write a college paper effectively?

When they are asked to write acollege paper, students will say they evoke feelings of drama, emotiveness, inspiration and thoughtfulness.  At the same time, an academic paper is a challenge; it is difficult and it brings a feeling of dread.  What do we mean?  We are referring to the start of an essay and the end.    

Everyone knows the story; a tearful parent waits outside her child’s first school as they begin their academic journey.  Move on a few years and that parent sheds tears over their final school days.  This is because the start and end of a journey are difficult. 

Why the beginning and end are important when it comes to knowing how to write a college paper well

In much the same way as the first and last school day are days to remember, the opening and closing paragraphs of your custom paper should be memorable.  The following are some helpful suggestions on how to write a college paper successfully.  

The opening paragraph

The most vital part of your essay is the opening paragraph.  One needs a hook to catch and retain a reader’s interest.  If not, they are unlikely to read further.   

Brandi Reissenweber observed that your reader has plenty of money to sleep for the night and they will go the next inn if you offer them something uninspiring to read because they are not penniless, tired travellers who will be content to take anything you have to offer.  If you want them to remain with you, you must work on it.  (Reference “Practical Anthology of Best Advice for Your Craft and Career”, rThe New Writer’s Handbook).

So, you need to know how to write a college paper well if you want to prevent your readers from taking the next bed.  The following are examples of effective hooks:  

Reveal the Author’s Feelings in Your Introduction

Doing this shows the author’s vulnerability and makes the reader feel as though they are getting an insight into their thoughts and emotions.  This provides a feeling of access that the reader can’t find elsewhere.     

    “I couldn’t help sobbing at work this week.  My manager kept referring to a mistake I had made in a so-called important report.  My eyes welled up before I could prevent myself.  I bit my lip hard to try and make myself stop.  But, that worsened things considerably!   

Use Humor in your Opening Paragraph

You need to know who your readers are before starting to write your essay.  When you have your audience in focus, it is easier to make a connection with them.  Know what’s in their mind and fulfil their expectations.  Empathise with their feelings and embrace their emotions by putting humor into your writing.    

    “I was an excellent parent before my children came along.”

Ask Questions in your Introductory Paragraph

A question can leave the reader craving more of your essay or term paper writing if it is put well.  Ignite their inquisitiveness and you can be almost certain they will read to the end of your work, whether you buy your paper from a professional online writing service or craft it yourself.  However, do ensure your question(s) are relevant to the essay’s subject matter.  If you don’t, your readers may think they’ve been cheated.     

    “Only this week, I discovered the secret to being a good parent.  If I had had this little piece of knowledge over the past ten years, it would have radically altered my life.  Shall I tell you my secret?

The End Part

If the opening paragraph is the most vital in essay, term or research paper writing, then your conclusion or closing paragraph is a close second.  Your closing statement should evolve organically from the paper’s content.  It shouldn’t be something you think up afterwards.     

How can you satisfy your audience’s appetite?

Make an Astounding Statement to Finish Up With

No writer should say something too controversial as a closing statement if they know how to write a college paper well.  If such information carried much significance, it should have been highlighted earlier on.  But, it is good to leave your readers with some food for thought.    

    “According to a recent report, a woman is more prone to a major stress-related hormone.  The merest exposure can wreak emotional havoc on her.  But, the male species are not affected by this substance.  I believe the occurrence today proves that.”   

Put the Beginning at the End

Round your work off into a 360% circle.  Your opening and closing statements can have similarities although these should not be too identical. But, you can bring your paper to a close on the same note as you began.      

    “Now that I’ve shared my secret, how will you use this incredible information?  Are you going to stash it away or are you going to share it so others can benefit?”  

And, remember, if you are struggling with introductions and conclusions, there is plenty professional writing help and much of it is available at a reasonably cheap, or certainly affordable, price.

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