Pros or Cons death penalty essay

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There are a lot of controversial issues that the public hold strong feelings about and the debate over the death penalty is undoubtedly among the most contentious.  One reason why it stirs so much passion is because it can seldom be seen as a “black or white” issue.  There is no real middle ground – you either believe the death penalty is a brutal, inhuman act or you view it as a form of ultimate justice.  In a casual setting, the discussion might indeed become very spirited.  But what happens when you have to complete an essay assignment on this topic?  It might be a challenge, but when you have the facts in front of you no essay task is ever too difficult.

Some ammunition to use when you are arguing against the death penalty:

  • An action no matter how terrible cannot be undone

    While an act of murder is terrible, executing the culprit does nothing to bring the innocent victim back to life.  In the short run, it might bring the family of the victim some satisfaction but the wounds never completely go away.

  • The execution of innocents

While the justice system does its best to convict murderers based on overwhelming evidence, there have been countless cases in which the executed were later determined to be innocent of the crimes.  This is especially true in light of DNA evidence that did not exist at the time of the trails 30 years ago and beyond.  This should be enough to put a moratorium on the death penalty at the very least.

  • Justice delayed is justice denied

    The appeals process for convicts on death row takes years and costs the taxpayers a fortune.  The prisoner – who already must spend the rest of their existence pondering their terrible deeds – literally comes the walking dead.  The taxpayer money spent unnecessarily could be going towards solving other problems.

  • The death penalty is as barbaric as the actions of the criminal him/herself

    An eye for an eye might have worked 2000 years ago, but in modern times there is never any excuse for government-sponsored murder.  The death of prisoners is associated with renegade governments like North Korea; a democracy like the United States of America should not be engaging in such practices.  In addition, there is ample evidence that the condemned experience pain while dying.  Those who argue, “They are still getting off easier than their victims did” are missing the point.  We live in a civil society where brutal acts of death should never be justified.

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