How to Write an Introduction College Essay Paper

Academic Custom Essay Writing – The Introduction

In most essay papers, the introductory section is only a paragraph long, but it very important.  It is the part that grabs the readers’ attention, gives them an insight into what the work is about and it is meant to persuade them that your work is a worthwhile read.  So, there is a lot of pressure then.  While an introduction and other essay parts might be challenging, you don’t have to get stress on your own with essay paper writing.  There are ways of ensuring the introduction to your custom work attracts your audience’s attention and sets the scene for the remainder of your work. 

Make the Introduction part of your Outline

Often, when you set out to brainstorm your paper’s outline, you may be tempted to leave out the introduction.  While the introductory section isn’t usually included in the outline, the outline should take account of it.  This particularly applies to lengthier custom works that deal with complicated subject matter and ideas.  In your introduction, if you give your readers a rough outline of your overall paper, they will get the opportunity to understand what your work is about, what your opinion is on the subject and how objectively you are going to treat it.  So, for instance, if you are writing about the effects of the First Amendment on the American history, you may hit on some controversial topics such as bigotry, racism and other contentious issues.  Mentioning such issues in your introductory section makes your readers aware that you are not avoiding these subjects but will be covering them in your paper and you can deal with them by using language that is non-inflammatory. 

Writing the First Introductory Sentence in Academic Custom Essay Writing

Many writers find it difficult to write the first or opening sentence.  But, don’t let that flashing cursor put you off.  The best essay writing service in the world will tell you that you needn’t write that first sentence at the outset.  Indeed, some would advise not worrying about it until later because you may be over half-way or near the end of a long term paper when inspiration about your first sentence strikes.  It may be that you are well underway in describing how Anime influenced the way Western cartoons evolved when the idea comes to you.  So, just take a note of it there and then and you can always edit and revise your work when you are finished.          

When custom writing paper assignments, or when editing your first efforts, try not to use some of the hackneyed clichés that may weaken your opening sentence. 

  • Don’t start by using definitions from dictionaries:  Try not to make opening statements such as “the dictionary defines ‘approach’ as …” in Academic Custom Essay Writing.  Such definitions can be too fuzzy, so try and avoid them because it may seem as if you’re trying to bulk up your paper to meet a certain page or word count.   
  • Re-iterating a question:  Many students are tempted to re-state the question that as being asked of them for openers.  While it is important to set out the approach you are going to take, make sure you rephrase in a way that is different from the essay question.  And make sure this is the case if you buy your papers from one online source or another.  
  • Thought mapping:  While you may think your thought process towards research and writing is interesting, your audience may think otherwise.  So, provide factual information and omit how your approach evolved.  
  • Don’t restrict yourself whilst writing:  Write an introductory paragraph that can stand alone but allows enough room for you to elaborate.  Ensure your sentences can be developed further at a later stage.   

Why the Hook is Important in Academic Custom Essay Writing

It is essential to hook your audience in your introductory paragraph and there are many ways to do it.  Placing a hook at the outset will enable you to use a common theme throughout or come back to your initial idea, all of which sets the stage for bringing your paper together cohesively and improving its flow.  

An introductory hook is a sentence or statement that grabs the audience’s attention.  It is normally included in the opening and closing sentences.   Moreover, a hook establishes a common theme throughout your paper and makes the work flow better.  So, for instance, if you are contemplating the extravagance of constant celebrity, you could use the renowned quote about everyone’s fifteen minutes of fame as your hook and go on to discuss the ups and downs of short-term celebrity.  You could use the details of a particular celebrity’s progress to advance your theory.  This will provide interest for your audience and improve the flow of your work.  And, remember, if you are struggling, you can always seek professional help with essay writing, provided the price is reasonable or sufficiently cheap for you to afford.      

So your custom essay’s introduction carries a lot of significance.  It needs to grab the readers’ attention, set the scene for your entire work and describe what you are going to say.  While the majority of your work will be within the body paragraphs, the introductory paragraph provides the chance for you to get a foothold.  So, use all your skills to create a worthy introduction so that your audience will give your work the appreciation it merits.    

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