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A Definition of Custom Writing

When someone orders a custom-built home, the builder takes all of the buyer’s specifications and creates a plan and, ultimately, a finished product that has been designed and built exactly as the customer ordered.  Along the way, the builder and buyer communicate often, so that there are no mis-understandings.  In the end the buyer is satisfied, and the builder has earned what he was paid.

Custom writing follows the same process and procedure, and so, when we state that we are engaged in custom writing paper services, we mean just that.  A customer comes to us with a need; that customer then completes an order form with all specific instructions.  We, in turn, find exactly the right “builder” for that essay or paper, and the work begins. The end result is a customized, original piece of writing that the student owns and that will never be sold or transferred to anyone else!

Why You Want Only Us!

We are the essay and paper writing service to which students turn when they need original, customized pieces that they will ultimately own and be proud to submit.  Any type of writing assistance can be provided, so long as the student completes the detailed order form and supplies all of the specific instructions!  Here is what each and every customer can expect from our essay and paper writing service:

  • Any genre at any academic level is accepted.  All instructions, down to the last detail, will be followed without exception.  This includes topic, format/citation style, research requirements, length and deadline.
  • Custom writing essays and papers at our service means that the work is not begun on any order until that order is placed.  Thus, no pre-written or pre-sold writing will ever be delivered to a customer.  All work is original and unique, sold only to one customer.
  • There are no restrictions on the complexity of the type of work ordered.  From a simple 5-paragraph to a Ph. D. dissertation, our service has a qualified writer for the project.
  • We believe in communication.  Given that, we insist that customer and writer communicate at all times, in order to avoid any issues at the end. 
  • We meet our customers’ deadlines, not ours.  When you submit a deadline time, we honor it!
  • We price our essay and paper writing service as reasonably as possible.  Prices will vary based upon what is ordered, obviously.  Prices will increase as the complexity and the academic level increase.  They will also increase with more urgent deadline parameters.  This is an important factor in customization, for we only assign writers that are fully expert for the genre, academic level, and topic of the ordered piece.

As you consider the use of a custom writing service, we hope that you will compare our quality, service, and guarantees against those of other companies that may offer a much cheaper rate.  In this industry, as in all other industries, you essentially get exactly what you pay for.  An inferior builder will produce an inferior home; an inferior writing service will produce only inferior products.

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