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You are certainly aware of the traditional scholarships awarded by colleges and universities, but were you aware of the thousands of dollars worth of scholarships that private individuals and organizations give out?  While some of these essays are allocated on a “first come, first serve” basis, a lot of them are competitive and require you to write an essay of around 500 to 1000 words explaining why you deserve the scholarship.  Let the professional online essay services of help you save tons of money off your tuition!

Where can you find cost-saving scholarships?

If you were under the impression that only the top-performing high school students are eligible for scholarships, think again!  There are scholarships based on all sorts of criteria that are not necessarily linked to academic performance.  For example, some are rewarded based on financial need.  Others are given based on subject interests.  There’s even a scholarship for skateboarding enthusiasts!  These scholarships are provided by an array of sources.  You need to do some creative searching in order to find the right scholarship for you.  Given how expensive it is to attend college, you will be thankful when you find them!

  • The academic counseling offices at your high school or college are a great starting point.  Your guidance/academic counselor often has the inside scoop on various local scholarships and is well-informed about the eligibility requirements.  Since they are aware of your academic and career interests, they are well suited to recommend scholarship opportunities.
  • Take a look at the college/university/community college that you are thinking about applying to.  They should have information on their websites or they will have somebody in their academic offices who can guide you in the right direction.  Some of these scholarships could be based on writing an essay, but if writing is not your think do not worry; there are plenty of rewards that depend more on the practical demonstration of interests and skills rather than writing.
  • Your state and even the federal government have scholarship programs that are available based on academic ability and socio-economic status.  A lot of students miss out on great scholarship opportunities because they are not even aware that they are eligible.  Remember, you have nothing to lose by applying.
  • Private businesses and even individuals have their own scholarship awards.  These scholarships are often connected directly to these fields.  For example, if you are interested in insurance, you might want to contact some of the major insurance companies.  They might very well offer scholarships that are geared towards students who are interested in a career in insurance sales.  In most of these cases, a written essay must be performed.
  • Lots of non-profit organizations offer scholarship rewards.  They can be somewhat tricky to find because the organizations do not always publicly advertise them.  Your best strategy would be to call or drop by their offices to inquire.  You might walk away from the meeting with a scholarship worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

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