Progressive Delivery

We consider bulky and complex papers to be those that are 10 to 20 pages long (single or double line spacing respectively) and we understand how difficult it can be to manage these. Therefore, one of the additional and special services we offer is one we call progressive delivery, which allows customers to receive larger assignments one section at a time. The goal of this service is to make larger papers more manageable.

The Key Features and Benefits of Getting Orders Delivered One Part at a Time

  • Makes it easy to manage and keep track of larger and bulkier orders and allows more time to approve/get revisions before the submission deadline.
  • One of our most highly qualified writers will craft your paper and one of our expert editors will check it.
  • A lot more time for reviewing our work and asking us to implement revisions. Essentially, this option extends revision time from 2 to 30 days!
  • A dedicated manager takes charge of each order to make sure that a) the customer can communicate in a fast, effective, and satisfactory manner with their assigned writer and vice versa and b) that each order is completed to the customer’s entire satisfaction.

Examples of how orders are delivered using our progressing delivery service*:

  • Given that 4 days or less = the allowed deadline: Once the assigned writer reaches the half-way mark on the deadline clock (50%), he or she sends one section of the customer’s order to them – a section equating to 25% of the size of the order. So, assuming a deadline of 4 days for a 20-page order, our writer sends the customer a 5-page section of their order when 2 days of the deadline approaches or has arrived.
  • Given that 5 to 11 days = the allowed deadline: Once the assigned writer reaches the quarter (25%) and half-way (50%) marks on the deadline clock, they send two sections (25/50%) of the customer’s order to them.
  • Given that 12 or 12+ days = the allowed deadline: Once the assigned writer reaches the quarter (25%), half-way (50%), and three-quarters (75%) marks on the deadline clock, they send three sections (25/50/75%) of the customer’s order to them.

This useful service is not expensive despite the considerable benefits. It only costs +15% extra!

*Since each customer has his or her own unique circumstances and order requirements, the above arrangements may not suit everyone. Your assigned manager will do their best to create a personalized solution to suit your situation. You simply need to discuss your requirements with the person looking after your order.


Our company provides summaries of customer’s papers if these are required for use in, say, a live presentation, a talk to an audience, or for some other purpose. Indeed, we recommend summaries in certain circumstances. So, if you want an entire paper summarized into 1-page showing only the most essential information, just ask us.


We can also provide one-page drafts (300-word documents) of customer’s papers upon reaching 50% of an assignment’s deadline. If, for example, we jointly agree a 6-day deadline with a customer, they can request a draft once 3 days of this timeframe expires.

Extended Revisions

Our standard time for accommodating revision requests (free-of-charge) is two days but customers can have this time lengthened to 14 days if they want to opt-in to this service.

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