Virus Attacks Fashion

The proposed research study intends to explore the idea of virus attacks fashion as a new model of the hair and makeup designs in the world. It is a fact that viruses are deadly microorganisms but when viewed under microscope they look fascinating. Their colors, shapes and pattern combination inspire a complete new design in the hair fashion market. When one thinks about sickness, the most reviewed diseases are HINI, HIV/AIDS and cancer cells. Many fashion designers are using the patterns of organic origin to enhance their uniqueness and creative style in the industry.

Drawing upon literature review in hair and makeup industry, the most used mode to visualize fashion often is the application of the similar natural patterns but developed in a million different ways. The analogous patterns provided by virus cells are enough to produce multiple hair designs without repetition of any particular one. As stated by Alexander(1977): “Each pattern describes a problem, which occurs over and over again and again in our environment, and then describes the core of the solution to that problem, in such a way that you can use this solution a million times over, without ever doing it the same way twice.” Using a methodology that combines practice and theory, this project will focus on the explicating the patterns in nature as an enigmatic inspiration, drawing the particular concentration on the virus attacks fashion. Popular fashion and design bloggers argue that the thousands of virus images present the fascinating kaleidoscope of patterns and form that nature shares with us over a lifetime and has provided artists of different kinds with inspiration since the beginning of time.

The rationale behind the choice of the virus attacks fashion is the concentration in hair and makeup design and due to the increased disease campaigns with so many creative logos. These newly developed logos are painted on the campaigner’s faces and exemplified in the hairstyle.

There are varied designs used in the campaign against the disease used by some prominent artists, such as Lady Gaga, using mask on her face for the compilation of the outfit. The majority of large companies, includingH&M and EsteeLauder, are using ribbon to signify the disease concerns with red ribbon being use in AIDS campaign and pink ribbon on breast cancers (Blackman, 2001). These companies are holding big events and would use these designs to campaign for the awareness of the disease. The beauty companies are now in the game and are manufacturing different beauty products with these design logos to spread the awareness and concern.

Earlier researches focused on using general patterns from nature such as zebra stripes to come up with designs. However, the through research into a deeper perception realized the fact that not many had ventured into to the world of the millions of patterns provided by the viruses. The visits into various biological institutes presented the opportunity to see and embrace numerous patterns. These patterns could be attempted to figure out in a practical case within the fashion world and incorporated into the models. Experimenting on different natural designs is fascinating but with the virus different fractal geometry, there is an endless source of designs which only need to be actualized.

With my pervious works on hair style in the frames of this project, the designs were already in the market and there was not enough study done on them. There was a way to try to spin them but each time the new comes to place is actually the design that has been figured out long time ago (Freese, 2011). Visiting different hair and makeup websites only made thing confusing because the design looked rigid and could not be uniquely span. With the clothes, there was a lack of the varied aesthetic and would only do repeated patterns of folds, seams and colors. There is a need to work on range of new designs, which were hard to figure out.

One of the famous fashion bloggers once said: “We have the power to transform people’s moods, the tools of beauty their souls and the creativity to make them look magnificent.  The time you spend with your client can have an enormous impact on them; often you’ve fixed something in their life, not just their hair”. Using this as the inspiration quote, it is possible to believe that the nature of doing things differently and in accordance to what the world would like to do will improve a lot of lives. The view in the virus is typically supported by a negative attitude, but in order to transform the attitude, there is a need to concentrate on how good they are. Moreover, it is amazing to note that actually the virus attacks fashion would be a great slogan, with which to present the community with the possibility of utilizing the negativity in our problems. Think of it having hairstyles, which represent a type of cell that causes cancer and you are matching in the fore front (Jones, 2007). It is needed not to explain but it can be clearly read. Basically the complicated names given to these viruses would not stay long in consumers’ minds, but with a pictorial representation it would (Rediger& Samson, 1997). I intend to make simpler form of these virus colors, shapes and patterns and concentrate on the disease campaign companies to help spread the world of encouragement on fight the menace, which is eating us up.

An interested magazine has already made an offer to joint in the project together to put in to practice the designs. I intend to present my final work to the magazine editor for the first case shows staging. We have arranged to borrow dress outfits free from talented designers, as my work would purely be on hairstyle and makeups. Also I have an experienced photographer to helping in the shooting and popularize the design in other magazine for a commission. Two ladies are on standby for the show with qualities to make the shoot effective. The whole photo shooting is planned to take place in two days for a varied range of picture to compare and help in the final analysis of the theme. It is fortunate that my project has a base for the experiment and I am working to make sure everything will be great.

The resource and cost for the experimental work are taken by the magazine, including the shooting and clothes. What I will pay for are the models transport, food and accommodation Makeups and hair style is my works and would not charge the magazine as they will be show a sign of appreciation to my new design. Packed for the design are different textural hair feels in soft copies and hard copies and tools to use, which include ropes. Plastics, papers, knitting wool, led light, water/grease color; powder and airbrush are included in the collection.

In the end this project is intended to be global on what nature, especially virus patterns, can offer being positive to our lives. The virus attacks fashion research is structured to carry every single detail about the million types of hair and makeup design, which can be incorporated in the beauty world for a more pronounced campaign in disease.

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