Team Strategy Plan




Riordan Manufacturing should include all the stakeholders in their annual planning sessions.

(a) Alignment of the top ten priorities at all levels of project. All the top managers involved in the project should identify their priorities in their areas of responsibility.

By including all stakeholders it makes the difference in their performance. This will give the decision makers a chance to know how the development looks from the others’ perspective; it also gives people a sense of being valued and allowing them to have a benefit of the experience they have.

(b). Though all goals will be sought after, the team will perform better by focusing on the ten goals that are likely to ensure overall achievement. This creates a sense of accountability.

The involvement of all stakeholders in the initial decision making may prolong the decision making process.

(b).  Failure to identify key priority may lead the team off target, by lack of giving the needed attention to the key areas of the project

Channels of communications may pose a barrier.

Through developed and effective channels of communication, bonding of the team can be attained. There is also development and communication of knowledge. Both the bonds and knowledge helps in the development of a team.

By putting more emphasis on association in team building, the actual efficiency and achievement of a team may be under emphasized.

The conflict resolution strategies

The resolving of conflicts help in resolving clashes and issues while teaching the stakeholders in the improving of the skills on the upcoming actions.

In the process of conflict resolution, there might not be lack of discord hence the Riordan Manufacturing company supply may be squandered


The creativeness and innovative among the stakeholders are developed. The stakeholders are responsible and have a sense of accountable for their acts of omissions.

The daily performance of the company may be suffering some short term loss

Team development strategy that should be applied in Riordan Manufacturing is the inclusion of the responsible team of the top management as well as the representatives of the entire stakeholders in the initial decision making. This will be beneficial to the implementation of the plan since all members of the team will feel a part of the new development.

The potential barriers and challenges that might arise during the formation of the team include lack of a clear communication channel, where the stakeholder may have different opinions concern the development. To handle the communication challenges seminars and training should be held with a purpose of sensitizing the stakeholder about the changes and the benefits of the development at hand.

To make sure that the team is operating optimally, and every person who is involved in the new development is aware of what is happening in the company, it should be advisable to have a review of performance on monthly bases for all second-level team.

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