Paddy’s New Girlfriend

This is an interesting story of how Paddy, after leaving Mary who was his girlfriend found himself loving another woman, Scarlet whom he met in the bar. Even though things were a bit strange with the new girl, Paddy did not bother to try and even understand what was going on. They date for a while and finally even move in together and live together in Paddy’s apartment. It is after this that Scarlet opened up to Paddy that she was actually not human but a fallen dark angel and Paddy seemed to have no problem with that fact. Paddy’s family insisted on meeting Scarlet and when they meet, the family loves her and asks Paddy to marry her. Paddy keeps his word and proposes to her and she accepts though she had a problem since she had never been in a church before. The wedding day comes and all seems to be going well until the bride, Scarlet, enters the church, and goes back to her evil world before getting married. Paddy’s life is shattered since he did not marry the woman that he loved.

Paddy can be termed as one strange individual in this story. This is due to some of the things that are revealed about him in the story for example:

i. This is because he first meets a woman in the club whom he does not even know and is willing to go with her to that strange place without asking questions.

ii. As much as Paddy realized that, the hotel in which Scarlet was living in seemed to have a difference with the normal hotels, such as the lift going very fast downward whereas they were headed for the thirteenth floor, he did not take the initiative to ask any question for clarity. This really shows that he was not an inquisitive individual and did not care about what was in his surrounding.

iii. During the making out session at the door before they entered into Scarlet’s room, Paddy realized several things that were different with Scarlet for example he realized that Scarlet had some form of horns on her head and did not ask any questions. This is strange of him since we would expect that he would be curious enough to try to find out what was going on with his newly acquired friend.

iv. Another strange character exhibited by Paddy that makes him one exceptional fellow is that even after realizing all these after the first night and even asking his friend the bartender and receiving a confirmation that Scarlet is not an upright woman, Paddy is still willing to make Scarlet his wife even after realizing that Scarlet is not human.

Scarlet is also an exceptional individual in this story because of some of the actions and some of the features that she possesses. Some of these include:

i. She understands that she is beautiful and that Paddy has a crash on her but she goes on flirting with him in order to lure him more into her trap. She uses her physical beauty to lure Paddy more to her side in several occasions. After they get to the room where Scarlet lived, she went and came back stuck naked since she realized that they both wanted the same thing and in the light of what Paddy had seen, he needed a distraction.

ii.Scarlet can also be viewed as an exceptional being in this story since she has physical features, which are not possessed by a normal human being. For example, she has horns on either side of her head, has wings on her back and we are told that she has a tail. This makes her an exceptional being as she is presented even before she tells Paddy her real status.

iii.Scarlet possesses the ability to make an individual change their activities in order to suit her needs. A good example is where Scarlet is stopped by a policeman because of violating the traffic rules and by just a look at the officer and some few words, the officer let her go without giving her a card. This greatly puzzles Paddy and he realizes that scarlet is not a normal human being and that she possessed some foreign powers.

iv.Scarlet’s exceptional character is that she is a great risk taker. Even though Scarlet had never been in a church before, she was willing, with the help of her husband, she is willing to go to the church and perform a white wedding. Knowing that she is a demon, we would expect that she would under no circumstance agree to a wedding at the church, however, all that she put aside and risked her life in order to enjoy life with the man that made her happy.

These two individuals, exceptional as they are, face different situations in their lives and their response differs from one to another.

Paddy can be termed as an individual who acts to avoid further problems that may arise due to his lack of acting. We are told that Paddy was single at that moment in the bar because he had broken up with Mary. The fact that he liked Scarlet and decided to go for her he was not concerned with what other people would say about their union. He can also be viewed as a person who does not like exploring things past the norm. He does not try to make his family understand because he is a man who does not look back once he makes his decisions.

Scarlet on the other hand can be viewed as an individual who understands what she wants and she does not hesitate to get that which she desires. She uses all the means in terms of resources and even her beauty to get to what she desires. She is one type of people who are willing to tell the truth, however painful the truth may be, in order to ensure that she attains that which her heart desires.


In conclusion, we can say that as much as Paddy did not have luck with women after his fallout with Mary, he found the person that his heart had yearned for a long time even though it was not for a long time. A moral lesson learnt from this story is that we ought to enjoy every aspect of our lives and be able to take risks even though the results may not be as pleasing.

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