Technology vs Individuality

The rapid changes in the world’s technology field today have astounded us like a storm. Human beings are now in a seemingly loosing struggle trying to cope with the technology and to preserve their individuality at the same time (Halal, 2006). This essay will explore how technology, particularly in the world of computing, has led to the erosion of individuality of mankind today.

The advance of computing technology in brief

It would be almost impossible to imagine that at a certain point in time, there were no computers and no internet. Less than  six decades ago, the concept of computing was a new thing and computers at that time were bulk and used outdated algorithms to capture, store, present and even  generate data (Caselli, 1997; Hobijn &  Jovanovic, 2001). Today, this world is overcrowded with sophiscated gadgets and software that have become fundamental tools in lives of diverse people across the planet.

It is known that there are numerous benefits accrued to this advent and computer technology development, but in this essay it will be shown the adverse effects on the person’s individuality resulting from the use of this technology.

Effects of technology and erosion of individuality

The reliance on technology by people all over the globe has led to the diminishing and erosion of their individuality in a very monumental way. There are a number of facets stipulated by technology that are incongruence with the individuality concept of mankind. Some of these zones are discussed in the following paragraphs.

The major challenge that I personally encounter in the computing environment today is the struggle to get myself out of the grip of the over-reliance on computing technology in my day to day venture. Basically, I use some form of technology every day in different perspectives of my life. This ranges from communication via emails, socialization where I connect to many of my friends via the social media on the web, use of computers for research; I have shunned books and entertainment among a variety of other things.

The impact of technology and computers has an adverse effect on my individuality and self hood. This over-reliance on computers and technology has led to a serious effect on me. I do not feel complete without using some form of technology in my life daily. I feel that if I do things using my own brain capacity without assistance of technology I will fail. Technology has made me lazy and some fundamental chores like laundry, I used to perform well before, have been forgotten. 

Other areas of reliance on the computers are telecommunication, online dating and even online shopping (Anton et al, 2001). In other platforms, computers have led to an introduction of a new breed of criminals who use cyberspace to commit their atrocities. Identity theft is done online where details of a person could be distorted, damaged or used for criminal activities. Privacy of individuals is no longer guaranteed as emails and websites are hacked and information stolen.


From the above brief discourse, it has been observed that computers have indeed invaded, infringed and overturned our individualism and eroded our selfhood completely. The reliance on computers in our day to day lives has made this erosion possible.

In the past people were active and they relied solely on their brain power to solve contemporary issues that they were faced with. Though the aspect of being active has not changed, the method of conducting these activities has had major uplift. People are no longer confident of their brain power and they rely heavily on the technology to assist them go through their activities in life.

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